Offshore Ship Design Technology Singapore
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Semisubmersible Drilling Rig 
Oil Tanker 
Marine & Offshore Engineering Design:
1. Hull Basic Design Calculation                                      2. 3D-Modelling & Finite Element Analysis.
3. Intact & Damage Stability Booklet.
4. RAO & Vessel Motion Analysis.
5. Mooring Analysis (Time & Frequency domain)
6. Inclining Experiment,Lightship Survey & Tonnage Calculation.
7. Longitudinal Strength Analysis
8. Offshore Structure Design and Analysis
9. Structure Scantling Calculation
10. Updating and Conversion Design
11. Helideck,Crane Pedestal foundation, Winch Foundation, Engine Foundation, Flare Tower Structure and Foundation Analysis.   
12. Power Calculation
13. Review Drawings,Structure Analysis Report, Lightship Survey and Stability Report.       
Offshore & Shipdesign Turnkey Projects  & Project Management:
1. Project Feasibility Study
2. Project Management
3. Vessel Construction & Supervision
4. Vessel Modification
5. Preparation of conversion specification (Customize to project and client requirement)
6. Prepare,monitor and maintain project Budget
7. Project Evaluation/Selection of Shipyard in consultation with the client
8. Conversion from Tanker to FSO & FPSO, Single Hull to Double Hull, Tanker to Bulk carrier, VLCC to VLOC etc