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FPSO Single Point Mooring

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We provide offshore ship design, naval architecture, Hydrodynamic, Mooring, Structure design and analysis to a wide range
of ship owner, marine consulting services to the offshore industries and shipyard.
Our Primary area of expertise is in conceptual, preliminary basic design,detail design, installation support and operational support.
OSDT has experience with all types of floating system projects including:
• Tanker-Based FPSO/FSO Conversions
generic viagra canada customs• Semi-submersibles
• Tender Semi/Barge
• Drillship
• Pipelay Vessel
• Oil-Tanker
• Bulk Carrier
• Anchor Handling Tug/Supply AHTS Vessel
• Offshore Accommodation Barge
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 Naval Architecture, Hydrodynamic & Mooring Analysis:

• New Floating Vessel Design - Vessel Sizing and Optimizing
Hydrodynamic, RAO and Motion Analysis - Using site specific data short term wave statistics & long term wave Scatter Diagram
Mooring Loads (Time & Frequency domain) - Mooring Wire/Chain & Anchor Line Layout, Sizing & Optimizing 
Global Wave Load Response Analysis
• Vessel Stability Booklet - Intact & Damage Stability
• Transportation and Installation Design Analysis
• Marine Operation
• Vessel Construction,Supervision and Project Management
• Vessel Modification 
• Project Evaluation/Selection of Shipyard in consultation with the client
• Market Research and Marketing


OSDT has a highly experienced structural engineering group able to provide the following:
  • Hull Scantling Design
  • Transverse Web Frame Analysis
  • Deck Design and Analysis 
  • Local Structure Analysis - Helideck,Crane Pedestal, Topside Process Structure,Flare Tower, Engine/Pump Room Foundation etc.
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Structure Optimization
We use our own ship strength,motion,mooring and stability tools as well as commerical programs to do various standard ship strength,motion and stability calculation.


Oil Tanker Ship Stability Calculation 

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Crane Barge Structure Model & FEM Analysis